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== Generic infrastructure tasks ==
=== Implemented support for loadable modules on Nintendo DS and other ports ===
''Technical Contact'': [[User:Fingolfin|Max Horn]]
TODO engines take up lots of storage space and RAM. Putting them into lodable modules reduces memory usage, as only needed module needs to be loaded. For DS port, this is is esp. nice, because it right now has to be shipped in multiple versions, combining different sets of engines. Ugly.
''The Task:''
TODO Implement infrastructure that allows generating loadable modules for the Nintendo DS, and code which then allows to (un)load these during runtime. For our Dreamcast code, we already have code doing that, which could be used as a reference, and maybe even some of its code could be reduced. Ultimately, the goal would be to not just target the Nintendo DS, but all target platforms which use the ELF binary format and an ARM processor. Bonus: Support for MIPS processors to cover Playstation 2 / PSP ports.
TODO: Add reference to the DS build chain, DevKitPro, etc.
''Required Skills:''
* Good C++ skills.
* Some knowledge of the ELF binary format (great documentation is available on the net, start e.g. at Wikipedia).
* A Nintendo DS for testing would be ideal.
=== Small Devices Backend ===


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