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ScummVM themes '''must''' also contain a simple <tt>THEMERC</tt> file stating the theme's version, name and author. The <tt>THEMERC</tt> file is a simple text file with the following syntax:
<pre>[SCUMMVM_THEME_V23SCUMMVM_STX0.2:Name of the ScummVM Theme:Name of the Author]</pre>The <tt>SCUMMVM_THEME_V23SCUMMVM_STX0.2</tt> is just a simple check to make sure that the theme was developed to be used on the proper version of the GUI; 0.2 is the latest version of the ScummVM STX format. Note that the <tt>THEMERC</tt> file is not optional, as it is used by the Theme engine to check that the Theme package is indeed valid and specifies the Name and Author fields that will be shown on the GUI.
===== Building theme packages =====


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