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===Reducing the size of the ScummVM executable===
Excerpt from a mail on scummvm-devel, 2008-11-12, Subject: "Re: [Scummvm-devel] ScummVM binary size comparison"
We are considering removing the XML parser altogether, and instead
using an external tool to convert the theme XML (and later, the
size. The binary theme like would have to be regenerated for new
===Things that bug me about some of our GUI dialogs===
Excerpt from a mail on scummvm-devel, 2008-10-30, Subject: "Re: Fwd: PS2 backend - up & running (almost)"
Launcher options dialog:
* Audio tab: the "Subtitle speed:" and "Text and Speech:" should IMO be aligned along the ":" with the other two labels.
* Audio tab: The "Text and Speech" button should be wider, right now it display "ech and Subtit" for me, instead of "Speech and Subtitles" ;). Maybe turn that into "Speech & Subtitles", too, to save two chars
* Volume tab: Align the three labels along their colon? (probably means setting them to be right aligned)
* Misc tab: The rendered popup is not wide enough to display the full renderer name. But we could grow it a bit, by moving the label more to the left, that might be sufficient.
Launcher game edit dialog:
* On the audio tab, if the Override checkbox is *not* active, all items are supposed to be grayed out. The popup button, however, is not.
* Volume tab: See options dialog
GMM (global main menu), triggered right now via F6 in SCUMM and other games:
* The "RTL" button is not wide enough to show its complete text -> could make it a lot wider, or shorten text?
* the options dialog in there has a Speech & Subtitles which is not wide enough (like in the launcher)
* also in the GMM options dialog, I would consider right-aligning the widget labels.


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