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==Audio Tracks==
Most versions of The 7th Guest have audio tracks on the CDs, and the first audio track on each CD is played at some point in the game. Following the normal ScummVM rules for copying games with audio tracks would give two audio tracks named "" (where "xxx" is "mp3", "ogg", or "flac"). To get around this problem, the first audio track from the first CD should be ripped as "", and the audio track from the second CD as "" (the second audio track on the first CD, if present, is blank and unused).
==Known issues==
*The intro CD audio is out of sync, and there's a big delay at the end
*The MT-32 instrument definitions aren't used yet, so it will play with wrong instruments
*Stauf's and Ego's hints aren't played when they should
*The mouse cursor is stuck on screen when playing a video with just audio instead of being hidden
*The cursor's palette gets broken when closing the GMM or the debugger
*It looks like the palette fades green slower than blue in the original (not in ScummVM)
*External videos added with the Windows Beta player ( aren't supported yet
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