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SCUMM was initially created in 1987 by Aric Wilmunder and [ Ron Gilbert] for the game [[Maniac Mansion]] and was used later, with some modifications, for [[Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders]].
Aric Wilmunder and Ron Gilbert's original SCUMM has been expanded a bit since 1988, of course. Every time a game required some feature that SCUMM had not previously supported, the interpreter was extended and the data file format expanded. The whole system was redesigned from scratch twice. With [[Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade]], LucasArts developed a modular file format based loosely on the standard IFF format. This was used several times in various forms until [[The Secret of Monkey Island]], where the SCUMM engine and file format was redesigned again from scratch. The new format was used from then on, and even now that LucasArts has finally retired SCUMM for their latest games, the interpreter/data file philosophy is still in use and you can see SCUMM design decisions in the data files of the latest later LucasArts games such as [[Grim Fandango]]. 
=== The idea behind SCUMM ===

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