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Any chance of a port to Epoc32/S50?

I own a Psion 5MX. Is a port to this old platform considered? Or did the architecture change too much between Epoc32 and S60? That platform has just too little memory and is to slow. For comparison: the S60 running at 103 MHZ is almost too slow, and 8-11 mb of free memory is not enough either. And also the MX is in greyscale.

Installing on S60 devices with <4MB diskspace left (N-Gage and others)

To get it to install please try the following:

  • download the Symbian S60 version 1 binary
  • extract the files with UNMAKESIS.EXE to a temp folder
  • copy the entire System folder and Document folder to your MMC
  • create the dir C:\documents\EScummVM\ (this is where the config file and others are stored)
  • run it & enjoy!