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Any chance of a port to Epoc32/S50?

I own a Psion 5MX. Is a port to this old platform considered? Or did the architecture change too much between Epoc32 and S60? That platform has just too little memory and is to slow. For comparison: the S60 running at 103 MHZ is almost too slow, and 8-11 mb of free memory is not enough either. And also the MX is in greyscale.

How to install on S60 devices with <4MB diskspace left (N-Gage and others)?

To get it to install please try the following:

  • download the Symbian S60 version 1 binary
  • extract the files with UNMAKESIS.EXE to a temp folder
  • copy the entire System folder and Document folder to your MMC
  • create the dir C:\documents\EScummVM\ (this is where the config file and others are stored)
  • run it & enjoy!

Crashes + no sound support on Symbian S60 V1 devices?

When starting any of the games, i'm getting an error message:

App. closed
E32USER-CBase 66

After selecting OK, the game starts (no sound, though).

Symbian S60 V1 devices are very timing sensitive. This means that you should set the music driver to NO music... and this will retain sound fx, but will not play any music. I have managed to get sound from my n-gage, but sometimes you need to reboot your phone between games.

The the 6600 is extra extra sensitive about the sound timing, and can very easily crash if something is wrong. This is something I have been trying to work around, but still is not 100% perfect. I might release a version without any sound support to remove the crashes.