SymbianOS UIQ

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Here is a table of the phones this build works on. Empty green boxes mean no problems.

Compatibility list SymbianOS UIQ build

Phone OS SDK Comments Sound SCUMM HE Simon Fotaq BASS Sword1+2 ITE Gob
Sony Ericsson P800 / P802 7.0 UIQ 2.0
Sony Ericsson P900 / P908 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Sony Ericsson P910 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Arima U300 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Arima U308 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Motorola A1010 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Nokia P31 7.0 UIQ 2.1
BenQ P30 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Motorola A1000 Communicator 7.0 UIQ 2.1
Motorola A925 Communicator 7.0 UIQ 2.0
Motorola A920 Communicator 7.0 UIQ 2.0


No problems Minor problems Major problems Untested (assumed to work, please let us know!)