T-Shirt design contest

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The objective of this contest is to design a ScummVM's T-Shirt. It will be used as a gift to contributors and members of the ScummVM Team. It may also be used in other ways, such as gifts or selling it, and benefits from it will be used as donations to the project.

Harness your creative power and skills and contribute to the ScummVM project without need of programming.



<insert here a t-shirt design template for reference>


  • The T-shirt color will be <insert colour here>, so your design should match with it.
  • The winning designer will be notified by email, after the public has voted on the designs.
  • Your design should not have more than <insert some number> colors. This is because the t-shirt printing methods have some limitations.
  • Submit jpg/png preview of your final design.
  • Send an uncompressed version of the file, preferably in a format that supports layering.
  • A vector image of the final design is strongly recommended.
  • Accepted formats are PSD, XCF (Gimp), SVG and ...
  • Content that violates copyright is strictly prohibited. Designs violating copyright will be completely ignored.
  • Has to use an Open license such as Creative Commons or GFDL.

The competition will end at midnight........2009.