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I would like to understand what precisely the purpose of this page is meant to be... Is it there for user documentation, or to reference all and everthing that is there which could be called "Documentation for ScummVM" in some way? I originally thought it should be the former, but then it doesn't make sense to link to the Engines/Backends/Release HOWTOs from here... those are already linked to from the Developer Central, too, BTW.

So, let's clarify what we intend to do with this page. My stance: Link to stuff that's useful for end users. That does include instructions on how to compile, or how to use Mac versions of a game, but not how to make a ScummVM release, nor info on " CVS to Subversion" :-).

P.S.: User four tilde chars at the end of what you type to insert your name & the date -- Fingolfin 15:49, 16 February 2006 (UTC)