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Moved the content from Criezy user page into the discussion there.

Manual Proposed Reorganisation

1. Introduction (on one page)

What is ScummVM?

Or should this be merged with the Quick Start?

2. Quick Start (on one page)

Summary on how to:

2.1 Get and install ScummVM
2.2 Install game for use with ScummVM
2.3 Add Game in ScummVM
2.4 Run Game in ScummVM
2.5 Where to find more documentation. Where to find help (forum, IRC). How to report bugs

This should be short and well illustrated, with links to the rest of the manual for details.

3. Get and install ScummVM (on one page)

With detailed instructions for all platforms

4. Install game for use with ScummVM (on one page)

With instructions for the games that differ from the simple case described in the Quick Start (e.g. multi-CD games, mac games on non mac computers, files that need to be renamed).

5. Add and Run game in ScummVM (on one page)

Detailed descriptions of GUI features (e.g. search box, mass add), options, GMM, Save/Load, hotkeys, controls for portable devices...

6. Getting help (on one page)

Describe what to do in case of errors / crashes

7. Appendix

Contains technical informations that should not be needed by most users

7.1 Command line options (on one page)
7.2 Config file description (on one page)
7.3 Tools (on one page)

Criezy 00:15, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

Quick Start

I've compiled a would-be 'Quick Start' page here: Quick Start (orphaned for now). Grumblings are welcome in the 'Discussion' tab.

Moving on to describing interface items now.

Svipur 14:08, 17 July 2009 (UTC)