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 Mouse Emulation:
Button Action Notes
Joystick Move Pointer
Joystick Click Left Click
B Left Click
X Right Click
Touchscreen on F200 The touchscreen is fully supported as an input method.
 Keyboard Emulation:
Button Action Notes
Start (Home on F200) Display in-game menu where supported Save, Load, Quit etc.
Select Escape
Y Space Bar
Right Trigger Return
Volume -/+ Set Volume
 Button Combinations:
Buttons Action Notes
Left Trigger + Volume Set Subtitle Speed In SCUMM games
Left Trigger + Right Trigger Display the ScummVM Virtual Keyboard
Left Trigger + Start (or Home on the F200) Display the Global ScummVM Main Menu Return to launcher and setup system options
Left Trigger + Y Toggle 'Zoom' Cycles the zoom modes - Ideal for games like Broken Sword
Left Trigger + Select Exit ScummVM gracefully Please exit doing this, do not just turn off your GP2X or you can loose save games
Left Trigger + A Open "Predictive Text" entry dialog Used in AGI games as long as a suitable dictionary is available (included in > 0.10.0 releases)
Joystick Click + X Open "Save" dialog Used in Future_Wars