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 Game Controller Mapping:
Action Touch screen control
Left click Single tap
Right click Hold one finger on screen where you want to click, single tap another
Arrow keys Without holding any other finger down, swipe your finger quickly across the screen in the direction of the arrow key you want.
ESC Hold one finger on screen, double tap another
Global Main Menu Hold one finger on screen, swipe another down from top to bottom. Note: In all versions before 1.5.0, this only send "F5" and thus in some games different menus were brought up.
Show On-Screen Keyboard Rotate phone to Portrait orientation, rather than landscape to trigger on screen keyboard.
F 0-9 keys Press the keyboard button directly under the appropriate number
Pause Keyboard spacebar
Toggle Click+Drag mode Hold one finger on screen, swipe another up from bottom to top. In this mode, a mouse click is sent immediately when you touch the screen, drags to wherever you slide your finger, and releases where you lift your finger. If you press down a second finger in this mode, you effectively release the left mouse button, and press down the right one (which is then released when you lift your finger again). Useful for Monkey Island 3: The Curse of Monkey Island and Full Throttle.
Toggle Touchpad mode Hold one finger on screen, swipe another up from left to right. In this mode, the cursor doesn't stay underneath your finger, but is rather moved around from its current position depending on the direction of your finger movement, just like a touchpad on a laptop. From version 0.12.0-pre3 and upwards only.
Suspend Press the tactile "home" button.
Quit Press and hold the tactile "home" button for 5-6 seconds.