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To copy the game data files over to your device:

  • On the iPhone/iPod install OpenSSH (if it is not already installed), using Cydia.
  • Install an SFTP client (For Macs, Cyberduck is good. For Windows, FileZilla should do the trick). Then connect your SFTP client to your iPhone/iPod using the IP address the device shows in its network settings (Hit Settings, then Wi-Fi, then find the network you're connected to). The username is "root" and the password probably "alpine".
  • Make a subdirectory on your phone under /var/mobile (or /var/root for firmware versions 1.1.2 and below), and upload the games there (don't place them anywhere else on the phone, as you'll be filling up the smaller system partition then). Here you can see exactly which files you need for which games.
  • Make sure these files and directories have the right permissions set! You're uploading as root, all the files need to be readable by the 'mobile' user as well.
  • When you've uploaded all the games you want, start up ScummVM and add the game(s) there (navigate to the same directory you uploaded them to).