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 Game Controller Mapping:
Button Action
Right trigger Modifier key (see below for uses)
Left trigger ESC (Usually skips cutscenes. Depends on game)
Analog Mouse movement
Right trigger + Analog Fine mouse movement
D-Pad Arrow keys (useful mostly in SCI and AGI games)
D-Pad + Right Trigger Diagonal arrow keys (it's hard to input diagonals on some PSPs)
Triangle Enter (useful for some dialogs)
Cross Left Mouse Button (usually the main button)
Circle Right Mouse Button (secondary button in some games)
Square '.' (skip dialogue in some games e.g. Scumm)
Right trigger + Square Spacebar (useful in Gobli*ns and SCI games)
Right trigger + Start F5 (Main Menu in some games)
Select Show/Hide Virtual Keyboard. Hold down to move keyboard onscreen (with D-Pad).
Right trigger + Select Show Image Viewer (see below)
Start Global Menu. Allows you to 'Return To Launcher' to play another game
 Virtual Keyboard Mode:
Start Enter key. Also exits virtual keyboard mode
Select Exit the virtual keyboard mode
Right trigger Input letters: lowercase/uppercase (press to toggle)
Left trigger Input numbers/symbols (press to toggle)
D-Pad Select square of characters (up, down, left or right)
Buttons/Triggers Choose a specific character in the square. The four center characters are chosen by the button in the corresponding position. The 2 top characters are chosen by the triggers.
Analog Moves in a direction (left/right/up/down) (Useful to keep moving while typing in AGI games among other things)
 Image Viewer:
Left/Right previous/next image (e.g. go from psp_image1.png to psp_image2.png)
Up/down zoom in/out
Analog move around the image
Triggers, Start exit image viewer
 1st Person Game Mode (Can be ignored by most users):
Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Square Enable 1st Person Mode
Square Is the modifier key instead of Right Trigger.
Left/Right Trigger Strafe left/right
D-Pad Left/Right Turn left/right
Square + D-Pad F1/F2/F3/F4
Square + Select Image Viewer
Square + Start Esc (shows game menu)