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**'''16bits''': yes/no
**'''16bits''': yes/no
*Engines supported:
*Engines supported:
**'''agi''', '''agos''', '''cine''', '''cruise''', '''draci''', '''drascula''', '''gob''', '''groovie''', '''kyra''', '''lure''', '''m4''', '''made''', '''parallaction''', '''queen''', '''saga''', '''sci''', '''scumm''', '''sky''', '''sword1''', '''sword2''', '''teenagent''', '''tinsel''', '''touche''', '''tucker''': yes/no
**'''agi''', '''agos''', '''cine''', '''cruise''', '''draci''', '''drascula''', '''gob''', '''groovie''', '''hugo''', '''kyra''', '''lure''', '''m4''', '''made''', '''mohawk''', '''parallaction''', '''queen''', '''saga''', '''sci''', '''scumm''', '''sky''', '''sword1''', '''sword2''', '''teen''', '''tinsel''', '''toon''', '''touche''', '''tucker''': yes/no

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This template is used to define a port's features, which can later be used/queried in other pages. It additionally shows an infobox with the port's basic information and main features.

Note that the list of supported engines is not shown in the infobox, but rather in aggregated form on the platforms and platforms overview pages.


To write the port features, copy this to your port's page:


The available options are:

  • Basic information:
    • name: the port name
    • maintainer: the backend maintainer
    • packager: the port packager
    • forum: the ScummVM forum number
    • backend: name of the used backend (sdl, ...)
    • web: additional webpages
    • firstversion: first official version
    • version: last released version (usually {{StableVersion}} if the port is up to date with ScummVM)
    • status: maintained, etc...
    • pkgbegin: beginning of the binary package (before the version number)
    • pkgend: end of the binary package (after the version number)
    • icon: name of the icon from the downloads page
    • notes: brief notes about the port
  • Common features:
    • mp3: yes/no
    • ogg: yes/no
    • flac: yes/no
    • uncompressed: yes/no
    • zlib: yes/no
    • plugins: yes/no
    • 16bits: yes/no
  • Engines supported:
    • agi, agos, cine, cruise, draci, drascula, gob, groovie, hugo, kyra, lure, m4, made, mohawk, parallaction, queen, saga, sci, scumm, sky, sword1, sword2, teen, tinsel, toon, touche, tucker: yes/no