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This template is used to define a port's features, which can later be used/queried in other pages. It additionally shows an infobox with the port's basic information and main features.


To write the port features, copy this to your port's page:


The available options are:

  • Basic information:
    • name: the port name
    • maintainer: the port maintainer
    • forum: the ScummVM forum number
    • backend: name of the used backend (sdl, ...)
    • web: additional webpages
    • firstversion: first official version
    • version: last released version (usually {{StableVersion}} if the port is up to date with ScummVM)
    • status: maintained, etc...
    • pkgbegin: beginning of the binary package (before the version number)
    • pkgend: end of the binary package (after the version number)
  • Common features:
    • mp3: yes/no
    • ogg: yes/no
    • flac: yes/no
    • uncompressed: yes/no
    • zlib: yes/no
    • plugins: yes/no
  • Engines supported:
    • agi, agos, cine, cruise, drascula, gob, groovie, kyra, lure, m4, made, parallaction, queen, saga, sci, scumm, sky, sword1, sword2, teen, tinsel, touche, tucker: yes/no