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| {{KeyedCell|keys=yes#no|colors=green#red|texts=Yes#No|value={{{agi|?}}}}}
| {{KeyedCell|keys=yes#no|colors=green#red|texts=Yes#No|value={{{agi|?}}}}}
| {{Yes}}
| style="background:#9F9;vertical-align:middle;text-align:{{{align|center}}};{{{style|}}}" class="table-yes"|{{{1|Yes}}}

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This template is used to define a port's supported engines, which which can later be used/queried in other pages. It additionally shows a table with the port's engine support.


To write the port engines, copy this to your port's page:


The available options are:

  • agi, agos, avalanche, cge, cine, composer, cruise, draci, drascula, dreamweb, fullpipe, gob, groovie, hopkins, hugo, kyra, lastexpress, lure, made, mohawk, mortevielle, neverhood, parallaction, pegasus, queen, saga, sci, scumm, sky, sword1, sword2, sword25, teenagent, testbed, tinsel, toltecs, tony, toon, touche, tsage, tucker, wintermute, zvision: yes/no