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The Daedalus Encounter
First release 1995
Also known as N/A
Developed by Mechadeus
Published by Virgin Interactive Entertainment
Distributed by
Platforms Macintosh, Windows, 3DO
Resolution 640x480, 24-bit color
Engine Director (Macintosh only)
Support Not supported
Available for

Cheat Codes

To jump to any part of the game:

From the Main Menu select GAME. Hit ALT-F5. Pick JUMP TO and it will show thumbnails of various scenes in the game. Click on one to jump to it.

To skip a puzzle:

Use ALT-SHIFT and the first letter of the puzzle's name. For example, to skip the Probe Logic Circuit Puzzle by pressing ALT-SHIFT-P. The exception is the Orbit puzzle- use ALT-SHIFT-I. The code is different for each puzzle.