The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time

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The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time
No Screenshot Available
First release 1995
Also known as Buried in Time
Developed by Presto Studios
Published by Sanctuary Woods
Distributed by Sanctuary Woods
Platforms Apple Macintosh, Windows
Resolution 640x480, 65536 colors
Engine Buried
Support Since ScummVM 2.5.0
Available for

The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time is the sequel to The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime (which was itself a remake of the original The Journeyman Project). It takes place six months after the events of the first game. Gage is visited by himself from ten years from the future, and is informed that he has been framed for tampering with historical artifacts. Gage must go through time to find evidence to clear his name.


Required data files

  • Executable and the main DLL: BIT*.EXE, BIT*.DLL (one matching pair is enough, usually there are 8bpp and 24bpp pairs on the CD1)
    • They have the following format:
    • BIT<color><os>.EX?. Where color could be 8 (256-color), 32 (truecolor). OS: 16 (Win3.1), 32 (Win95). The extension could be EXE or EX_ and DLL or DL_.
    • For example: BIT832.EXE -- 256-color, Win95 version. BIT2416.EXE: -- truecolor, Win3.1
  • BITDATA folder (which might be a hidden folder), combine contents from all 3 CDs, or data1/data2/data3 contents from the release

Put BITDATA, .EXE and DLL into a single folder, that is enough, BIT_DISC files are not required.

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