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platforms=DOS, FM-Towns, Macintosh,<br> PC-Engine, Windows|
platforms=DOS, FM-Towns, Macintosh,<br> PC-Engine, Windows|
engine=[[MADE]], HyperCard|
engine=[[MADE]], HyperCard|
support=Supported in the<br>daily version of ScummVM|
support=Since ScummVM 1.0.0rc1|
purchase=Yes: Through GameTap.
purchase=Yes: Through GameTap.

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The Manhole
No Screenshot Available
First release 1988
Also known as The Manhole: New and Enhanced
Developed by Cyan Worlds
Published by Activision, Broderbund, Cyan Worlds
Distributed by (unknown)
Platforms DOS, FM-Towns, Macintosh,
PC-Engine, Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine MADE, HyperCard
Support Since ScummVM 1.0.0rc1
Available for
Yes: Through GameTap.

The Manhole is a children's game created by Cyan (now Cyan Worlds). The player opens up a manhole, which reveals a giant beanstalk that can be traversed to visit strange worlds.

There were several versions of the game released, each one developed with a different game engine:

  • The original Macintosh version (released in 1988), with HyperCard as its engine.
  • The original DOS EGA version (released in 1989), with an earlier version of the MADE engine.
  • The PC-Engine version (released in 1991), with a custom engine.
  • The "New and Enhanced" version (released in 1992), with a newer version of the MADE engine.
  • The CD-ROM "Masterpiece Edition" (released in 1994), which used a HyperCard-like engine. This version includes QuickTime videos as well.

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