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*[http://traderofstories.blogspot.com/ The Trader of Stories blog]
*[http://traderofstories.blogspot.com/ The Trader of Stories blog]

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[[Category:Unsupported Games|Trader of Stories, The]]

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The Trader of Stories
No Screenshot Available
First release 2009
Also known as N/A
Developed by Rudowski Brothers
Published by Rudowski Brothers
Distributed by Rudowski Brothers
Platforms Windows
Resolution (unknown)
Engine Wintermute
Support Not supported. A WIP
engine is available in
our Git repository.
Available for
Free from developer's website

The Trader of Stories follows a young woman named Myosotis, the Trader of Stories, who travels across the land buying stories from those who are willing to sell them. She does not remember her real name or her past, so she sets off to discover her own story.

The Trader of Stories is a demo, which ends after you leave the childhood home of Myosotis. The story was rebooted as an online episodic flash game series, which is also available from the Trader of Stories blog linked below.

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