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Engine developer dreammaster, DrMcCoy,
eriktorbjorn, joostp, md5
Companies that used it Psygnosis
Games that use it Discworld 1, Discworld 2
Date added to ScummVM 2008-07-22
First release containing it 1.0.0rc1


TODO: Explain about Tinsel / Glitter

Music Enhancement

The ScummVM Music Enhancement Project has worked on Discworld's music. Permission has been given to release this soundtrack. As of 27 Dec 2007 the full soundtrack is available for download.

Freewaring Discworld

In short, we have all the approval needed to move forward with supporting the game and making Discworld freeware. However Discworld is NOT freeware at the moment. It may be in the future, assuming all goes according to plan.

Whether the gamedata release will have a DFSG/OSI compatible license remains to be determined.

External Links


  • Discworld 1 is completable
  • Discworld 2 is completable
  • There may be issues in 64-bit systems and in big endian systems