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Engine developer
Companies that used it Psygnosis
Games that use it Discworld 1, Discworld 2
Date added to ScummVM Not Added
First release containing it None

We are currently investigating reimplementing the 'Tinsel' engine, as used by Discworld 1 and 2.

Ender is organizing this.


All rights were returned to original authors due to disbandment of IP holder for the games (Psygnosis). Terry Pratchett and his agent Colin Smythe have approved the source release and future freeware re-issuing of the game, so did all relevant core developers (i.e. those Discworld developers who worked on the engine itself).


As of 26th May 2008, we have received the source code for the original Tinsel engine as used in Discworld 1.

Music Enhancement

The ScummVM Music Enhancement Project has worked on Discworld's music. Permission has been given to release this soundtrack. As of 27 Dec 2007 the full soundtrack is available for download.


In short, we have all the approval needed to move forward with supporting the game and making Discworld freeware. However Discworld is NOT freeware at the moment. It may be in the future, assuming all goes according to plan.

Whether the gamedata release will have a DFSG/OSI compatible license remains to be determined.

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