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Following points need to be tested:

  • BE portability
  • Game stability in Russian, Polish, Czech
  • Detection and Running with both Compressed (CAB) and Decompressed (Extracted) game datafiles.

The engine needs the following points to be fixed / implemented:

  • only 555 mode is supported (fuzzie has a patch to make the whole thing run in 565 mode, but ideally it should cope with both)
  • It is not possible to type upper-case letters in savegame names. This is because the engine uses key codes (which make no difference between upper and lower case) and keeps track on its own when Shift is pressed. (Caps Lock doesn't work at all.) However, the _keyDown[] entries for the shift keys get cleared before the actual letter key is handled. See input.cpp and KEYPRESS() in game.cpp. This seems needlessly complicated.
    • Agreed. At the time it made connecting the original code to ScummVM easier. For the long run we should refactor it out in favour of using standard ScummVM events directly.
  • It seems that FPStream::setVolume() is sometimes called when the sound handle isn't active, so the volume isn't set. Does this cause any problems?
  • The "iris" transition is slower in ScummVM than when I play the game in the original interpreter. (This makes it much more obvious that Tony doesn't appear in the sewers until after the transition has finished when falling through the floor.)
    • The original game iris transition relied on an elliptical draw area in DirectX itself, hence it could be rapidly updated. For ScummVM, we implemented a similar, but simpler circular (rather than ellipsoid) transition. Currently, transitions are done doing full screen updates each frame - if we could calculate the affected areas of the screen between changes in size of the circular area, we could speed up the transition significantly, whilst still having it smooth.
  • Slight "pop" noise when pausing/un-pausing the music by opening/closing the options dialog. Maybe in other cases as well.
  • Changing the music volume doesn't seem to affect the music that's currently playing. Should it?
  • Bug where Czech version requires files to be moved into same folder, rather than using original folder layout. May affect all decompressed versions? [Bug #3565765]
  • The game's sound configuration dialog doesn't seem to reflect the volume settings. The options dialog from ScummVM does.