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Name Andrea Boscarino
Team Member since 2021-11-23
Working on SCUMM
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email -

Ahoy there! My work is primarily focused on the SCUMM engine, with the objective of (trying to) rise its accuracy.

Worked on

These are my past macrotasks:

  • SCUMM: reversed and rewrote the Digital iMUSE subsystem, responsible for audio playback in Full Throttle, The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island;
  • SCUMM: revamped the audio subsystem of the SMUSH video playback engine to improve compatibility for Full Throttle and The Dig;
  • SCUMM: helped rewriting the subtitles and text rendering routines for version 7 and 8 of the engine for accuracy purposes;
  • SCUMM: revamped timer and screen effects routines to match the original DOS games;
  • SCUMM: provided sparse accuracy fixes and improvements regarding versions 4+ of the engine, particularily version 8 (The Curse of Monkey Island);
  • SCUMM: implemented the original GUI and save menus.

Working on

Here's all fun stuff I'm working on right now:

  • Nothing right now, but check again later :-)

Future TO-DOs

This is a list of all the tasks I'd like to tackle sooner rather than later, listed in no particular order (and with no guarantee of success...):

  • SCUMM/HE: rewrite the audio system for Moonbase Commander;
  • SCUMM: implement proper Audio CD saving and restoring for Loom (VGA);
  • SCUMM: rewrite compress_scumm_bun and update the Digital iMUSE engine in order to restore support for compressed audio for The Dig and The Curse of Monkey Island;
  • SCUMM: update the Digital iMUSE engine to have proper support for high quality audio (44100Hz, 16-bit) to allow high quality fan-dubs and high quality music replacements;
  • SCUMM: refactor and publish already written tools which would allow users to extract, edit and replace the contents of .BUN files;
  • SCUMM: update the Full Throttle version of the Digital iMUSE engine to support a more recent version of the Creative Voice File (.VOC) audio format, so to restore support for the reMONSTERed fan patch;
  • SCUMM: write a lipsync generation tool for The Curse of Monkey Island to allow proper lipsync for fan-dubs.

Eventually wants to work on

In the future I'd like to:

  • GrimE: port the Digital iMUSE audio engine from SCUMM;
  • GrimE: get familiar with the engine, so to provide accuracy fixes;
  • GrimE: reverse and port the HMIFXLIB.DLL library, responsible for reverb and other DSP effects.
  • Mohawk: get familiar with the engine and provide accuracy fixes for Myst and Riven;

But for now I'll have to accept the fact that I simply don't have enough time... :-P