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Name Kari Salminen
Team Member since 2007-04-12
Working on AGI and Cine engines
Personal webpage/BLOG blog
Email buddha AT scummvm DOT org

Google Summer of Code 2008

I'll be working on the Cine engine to add support for Operation Stealth.

Google Summer of Code 2007

During summer of 2007 I participated in the Google Summer of Code and worked on ScummVM's AGI engine.


Main ToDo items

  • Revamp Cine's rendering classes (FWRenderer and OSRenderer)
    • Palette handling could possibly be combined between FW and OS
    • Collision page should map to 9th background in OS but it currently doesn't
      • This is actually why the doors aren't revolving in OS's labyrinth arcade sequence
  • Add support for Operation Stealth to the Cine engine
  • Fix AGI related bugs
  • Finish Apple IIGS sound support for the AGI engine
  • Add support for loading .INI files to the AGI engine (FR #1881179)
  • Add support for more than 10 savegames to the Cine engine

Minor ToDo items

  • Update info on AGI datafiles to include Apple IIGS related files etc
  • Disable CGA rendering for AGI256 and AGI256-2 games
  • Add priority drawing for cels in AGI256 and AGI256-2 mode
  • Check if saving & restoring in AGI games is broken when using the 2 argument version of
  • Add 'restart game' functionality to the Cine engine
  • Add saving of script names to Operation Stealth's savegames to ease debugging


  • Map Apple IIGS AGI games' MIDI instruments to General Midi and/or Roland MT-32
  • Add option for always adding Slow/Normal/Fast/Fastest to AGI games' menus
    • This isn't present e.g. in Apple IIGS version of Black Cauldron
    • Do the scripts only add speed controls if vComputer isn't AppleIIGS?
  • Do some funky stuff to convert AGI games to support different aspects ratios besides 320:200 (e.g. 16:9 or 21:9)
    • Using a form of content-aware scaling and possibly somehow correcting horizontal values in scripts from 0-159 to 0-X where X <= 255
  • If Apple IIGS AGI games all work correctly in ScummVM then perhaps GOG could legally sell and support them using ScummVM?
    • This way more people could be made aware of the most aurally advanced (Including MIDI and samples) AGI game versions i.e. the Apple IIGS versions