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==== Future Endeavors ====
==== Future Endeavors ====
* Refactor PreAGI Code
* Other [[AGI/TODO#PreAGI|PreAGI TODO Items]]
* Gelfling Adventure
* Gelfling Adventure
* Loom Mac Sound
* Loom Mac Sound

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Name Matthew Hoops
Team Member since 12/27/2006
Working on Mohawk, Wiki, Documentation,
Personal webpage/BLOG Over Here!
Email -

Clone2727 (aka mthreepwood on sf.net) is a wiki-editor and developer for ScummVM. He is also working on documentation in general. Also, he has done some Release Testing starting with 0.9.0.


In order of priority


Main Tasks

Future Endeavors


  • Add more SAGA docs from the original YARN project