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Name Matthew Hoops
Team Member since 12/27/2006
Working on Mohawk, Pegasus, Wiki,
Documentation, PreAGI
Personal webpage/BLOG Over Here!
Email -

Clone2727 (aka mthreepwood on is a wiki-editor and developer for ScummVM. He is also working on documentation in general. Also, he has done some Release Testing starting with 0.9.0.



Main Tasks

  • Mohawk; specifically Riven and QuickTime features
  • Pegasus
  • QuickTime
    • Improve the edit time "off-by-one" hack. It fixes KQ6 Mac videos, but (in rare occasions) causes the last frame in a video to be dropped.
    • Implement backwards playback support for videos with multiple edits.

Future Endeavors

  • Other PreAGI TODO Items
  • Gelfling Adventure
  • Loom Mac Sound
  • Backyard Basketball
  • Backyard Football 2002


  • Add more SAGA docs from the original YARN project