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Name Chris Page
Team Member since 05.09.2008
Working on Return to Launcher
Global Main Menu
Savestate Management
Personal webpage/BLOG My blog documenting my progress on this project
Email cpage88 (at gmail)


I am a student who was selected to work on ScummVM as part of Google Summer of Code 2008. This summer I'll be working on adding a Return to Launcher feature as well as a unified global main menu and improving some aspects of savestate management, specifically, I plan to implement support for all engines to be able to list savestates and immediately load from them. I am working with Max Horn (Fingolfin) as my mentor on this project.

To Do

(This list will grow as I make progress)

Return to Launcher

  • Modify the global run loop to return to the launcher when an engine exits and track down memory leaks
  • Properly implement "quit" for all, or as many engines as possible

These are my immediate goals, more to come...