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Name Thierry Crozat
Team Member since April 7, 2010
Working on User Manual, Wiki maintenance
Translations coordinator
macOS X maintainer and packager
Sword1 Engine, Drascula Engine, Supernova Engine
Personal webpage/BLOG
Email criezy (AT)

Current work

Past contributions to the project

Personal TO DO

  • Wiki Maintenance
    • Look at extensions to export to PDF. They should not require Htmldoc, which means Pdf Export and Pdf Book do not fill the bill. Possible extensions are:
      • Pdf Export Dompdf which is based on Pdf Export but uses dompdf instead of Htmldoc.
      • Wiki2LaTeX which uses its own parser. It is CPU intensive and might not render the pages in the same way than the WikiMedia parser.
      • PDF Writer and Collection. The PDF Writer can run standalone on a server and provide PDF generation for multiple MediaWiki instances. A server for public testing and low traffic Wikis runs at [1]. It require Python and PHP to be installed with cURL.
      • WikiPDF can generate PDF/LaTeX document from a group of pages. It requires Python.
      • Look at alternative intermediate formats from which we can generate pdf (e.g. DocBook XML which can be generated by the XML Bridge extension).
  • User Manual
    • Keep in touch with other contributors
    • Update Instructions to Wiki Editors
    • Review current manual and look for omissions (partially done)
    • Complete the User Manual (see User Manual/TODO)
    • Reflection on integration of the manual with the rest of the wiki.
      • What content on Game and Platform pages?
        • Compatibility (version of the games that are supported by ScummVM)
        • Compatibility (games working/not working on that platform)
        • Hotkeys for the game
        • Control on the platform
        • Installation instructions on the platform
      • Do we duplicate some infos?
      • Or should we link to the manual for some of these?
      • Create additional categories to Special:Categories e.g. Linux, Windows, MacOS ... so users could find special pages concerning their OS very quickly.
  • Translations management
  • Wiki formatting
  • Developments: