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Future TODOs


  • C++11 by default
    • type aliases templating
    • move semantics
  • UBSan common code
  • Treat Android platform like first-class citizen
    • Fix low-resolution GUI
    • Get rid of redundant Android & Android-SDL builds
    • Support display rotation
    • Proper GUI support for touchpad emulation vs touchscreen (currently this is hacked into a totally unrelated MIDI checkbox)
    • MIDI hardware support?
  • SharedPtr deleter -> template
  • Prune dead ports code
  • Centralise documentation and remove redundancies between wiki/readme/web site/etc.
  • New rules for ports
  • Help docs for devs on memory management?
  • Stop caching save file listings on systems that have OS-level caching


  • Fix bad GUI on retina display & in SurfaceSdl mode


  • Finish Buildbot upgrades
  • Containerise other web services
    • bug tracker
    • translations
    • main web
    • wiki
  • Automated release builds
    • Improve packaging step to generate N packages from a single build using proper packaging utilities (nsis, deb, rpm, etc.)
  • User-driven compatibility database to replace the manual XML+Smarty-based system used currently (think WineDB)


Upstream libs:

  • MAME OPL update
  • Munt update
  • Investigate DOSBox OPL update