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Name David Turner
Team Member since 30/12/2009
Working on Mohawk
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email digitall AT scummvm DOT org

Digitall (aka tdhs on is a developer for ScummVM.
He started by working on the first stages of supporting Myst in the Mohawk engine, but is now procrastinating badly by:

  • Triaging/Fixing Bugs.
  • Closing Memory Leaks and fixing other issues reported by Valgrind.
  • Completing Operation Stealth support in Cine.
  • Completing Big Red Adventure support in Parallaction.
  • Far too much else :/



  • Myst ME :
    • Refactor QDM2 code to Bitstream class with no valgrind leaks etc.
    • Get SVQ1 working.