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HI! Let's have a party, just you and me and everyone we know! WOOOOHOOOO

I have been mucking around hacking SCUMM games, which is only possible thanks to the fantastic work done by the ScummVM team and all the other reverse engineers out there.

I have developed a few tools that let you modify or create SCUMM V5 resources:

  • Scummbler - compiles SCUMM V3, 4, and 5 scripts from the text scripts based on descumm's output. This makes it relatively easy to modify existing script resources in a game.
  • ScummPacker - extract & repack the resource files of SCUMM V5 games. You can add new content to games, such as scripts created with Scummbler, or backgrounds created with SCUMM Image Encoder.
  • ScummSpeaks - making use of ScummTr, allows you to map sounds in a MONSTER.SOU file (compressed through ScummVM tools) to lines of text. Useful for re-dubbing translated games, or adding speech to sounds that did not originally have it.
  • SCUMM Image Encoder (mi2img) - convert between background resources extracted by ScummPacker and PNG files. It can only encode "lossless" backgrounds with a limited palette (around 160 colours).

These are all made in Python. You can find them on my website.

Aside from plugging my toys on this wiki, I also hope to share the knowledge of SCUMM I've picked up in my adventures.

(Also my name should be in lowercase, but MediaWiki is rubbish when it comes to rubbish names.)