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I've been a ScummVM user for some years and now I want to give something back to this great project. Here's a list of the things I'd like to do (when I have the time and if I'm able to do them).



  • Support for translating the GUI
    • Add support to render non-ascii characters (FreeType?)
    • Live update of the widgets' text
  • Enhance themes
    • Add theme inheritance
    • Position the widgets with a proportional approach (modern done, classic pending)


  • SCI
    • I'm trying to integrate FreeSCI as a ScummVM engine.
  • TsAGE
    • This is the engine created by Tsunami Media (old Sierra employees) and used by Blue Force, Ringworld, Ringworld 2, Protostar, etc.
    • I've just begun REing it, but I'm so new to this and I'm going so slow.