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Name Johannes Schickel
Team Member since 10/12/2005
Working on Kyra Engine, GUI
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email lordhoto (at scummvm org)


Things planned to do (in no particular order):

  • Kyra Engine
    • Bug fixes
    • Hand of Fate support
    • Support for Amiga versions
    • Improved MIDI support (includes MT-32 support) [low priority]
    • Malcolm's Revenge support [low priority]
  • SCUMM Engine
    • Finishing CMS support (#1365914) [low priority]
  • GUI
    • Modern Theme
    • Documentation of the theme API
    • Support for previewing themes in the theme selector dialog [low priority]
    • Native language support [low priority]

Wish list

Games I'd like to have (only originals, with manuals, full size boxes aren't obligatory), English and German versions are preferred. System preferred unlike stated otherwise is DOS.

  • CINE Games -- personal interest only
    • Future Wars
  • Kyrandia Games -- these will let me perform proper engine testing and improvement
    • (The) Hand of Fate Floppy -- would be neat for adding support for it
    • (The) Hand of Fate PC98 -- I don't have it
  • SAGA Games -- personal interest only
    • I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
  • SCUMM Games -- personal interest only
    • English versions of every SCUMM game, except Maniac Mansion.