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Name Filippos Karapetis
Team Member since 2006-01-16
Working on SAGA Engine, AGI Engine
Personal webpage/BLOG -
Email bluegr AT gmail DOT com

md5 (aka thebluegr on is currently working on the SAGA and AGI engines. He's also helping out with ScummVM's wiki pages and documentation


Things planned to do (in no particular order):

  • SAGA Engine
    • Bug fixes
    • Finish up some leftover things for IHNM (check the SAGA TODO page)
    • Do some optimizations to the engine (check the SAGA TODO page)
    • Add support for the Amiga version of ITE
    • Add support for the original DOS demo of ITE
    • Create a SAGA script decompiler

  • AGI Engine
    • Bug fixes
    • PreAGI games (check the AGI TODO page)