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== TODO (Nippon Safes) ==
== TODO ==
* investigate crashes in Nippon Safes
known serious issues:
* dino crashes when he activates robot from mini size [wrong archive]
* dino sometimes crashes inside after reduction [wrong y coordinate from script]
* dino crashes when opening shopping bag in mitsushita office (not on loadgames) [to be fully investigated]
* dough crashes when parachuting from monastery (not on loadgames) [to be investigated]
* halbfrite spotlight for donna's show is not working
other less relevant issues:
* frankenstein palette effect is broken
* palette effect in _c_endIntro is broken
* honest chan can't be seen properly in amiga demo
* mouse should be hidden in dialogues
* character should/could walk faster
* hiragana code blocks should change color when pressed (amiga)
* make proper balloons with rounded corners for dialogues (amiga) [needs a polygon fill routine]

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  • investigate crashes in Nippon Safes