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Name Michael Madsen
Team Member since 2010-04-26
Working on Generic script decompiler
Personal webpage/BLOG
Email -

My name is Michael Madsen, and I'm one of the GSoC 2010 students.

My task is to create the (by now, most likely infamous) generic script decompiler. Hopefully third time is the charm. It is not yet completely finalized which instruction sets I'll add during GSoC, but it'll most likely be one of the SCUMMv6+ versions, and then KYRA as my second instruction set.

I've setup a blog for this project at

Project schedule

This is the tentative schedule of milestones for my GSoC project.

  • June 1: Disassembly framework Completed May 28
  • June 8: First disassembler (SCUMMv6) Completed June 4
  • June 21: Generation of code flow graph Completed June 14
  • July 5: Code flow analysis Completed July 5
  • July 24: Code generation (SCUMMv6) Completed July 24
  • July 29: Second disassembler (KYRA) Completed July 30
  • August 6: Code generation (KYRA) Completed August 6
  • August 9: Documentation Completed August 7

I also have a more detailed task list, which is automatically exported from my task tracking system, Trac.

Now that all of the milestones have been completed, the rest of GSoC can be spent adding minor "nice-to-have" things and otherwise improving the code. The task list shows the stuff that would be nice to get done, although it's not realistic to get all of those tasks done before GSoC ends. I'd love to continue working on this after GSoC though, so this list isn't going away just yet :)