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Name Thanasis Antoniou
Team Member since 2019-01-06
Working on Bladerunner, Blade_Runner
Personal webpage/BLOG My blog (in Greek)
Email -

Hi, there! I'm Praetorian, also known as antoniou79 on the ScummVM Discord.

My current main focus is the Blade Runner engine; fixing original and newly reported bugs, maintaining the English transcript, subtitles and related tools, reviewing all AI scripts, fixing consistency bugs, and restoring cut content where possible.

I do have some minor contributions to other engines (eg. Beneath a Steel Sky, HyperSpace Delivery Boy) and the main ScummVM features code, but those are mostly bug fixes and small improvements on existing behavior.

I'm also helping with the Greek translation of the ScummVM app and website, as well as have a few related fan translation projects completed or in the works for ScummVM supported games.

Occasionally, I'll contribute to the Android port with fixes, usability improvements and new features based on user feedback and my personal experience.

My future wishlist of tasks to work on include:

  • Adding support for the Greek fan made translations (LOOM, Indiana Jones 3, SoMI, Grim Fandango)
  • Complete restored content work for the Blade Runner engine
  • Extending the Blade Runner subtitles system and allowing text language selection
  • Providing Greek subtitles for Blade Runner
  • Improvements to the Toonstruck engine
  • Helping out with The Last Express engine
  • Helping with the Lost Eden engine
  • Sentient (Playstation 1 engine) - This one will probably require much work, so it's less likely to happen without additional helping hands