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public method
protected method
private method

OSystem OSystem_GP32 : public OSystem
virtual Audio::Mixer *getMixer  
virtual bool getFeatureState bool getFeatureState
virtual bool hasFeature bool hasFeature
virtual bool openCD  
virtual bool pollCD  
virtual bool pollEvent bool pollEvent
virtual bool setGraphicsMode bool setGraphicsMode
bool setGraphicsMode bool setGraphicsMode
virtual bool showMouse bool showMouse
virtual Common::EventManager *getEventManager  
virtual Common::SaveFileManager *getSavefileManager  
virtual Common::TimerManager *getTimerManager  
virtual const GraphicsMode *getSupportedGraphicsModes const GraphicsMode *getSupportedGraphicsModes
virtual Graphics::Surface *lockScreen virtual Graphics::Surface *lockScreen
virtual int getDefaultGraphicsMode int getDefaultGraphicsMode
virtual int getGraphicsMode int getGraphicsMode
virtual int getOutputSampleRate int getOutputSampleRate
virtual int getScreenChangeID  
virtual int overlayToScreenX  
virtual int overlayToScreenY  
virtual int screenToOverlayX  
virtual int screenToOverlayY  
virtual int16 getHeight int16 getHeight
virtual int16 getOverlayHeight int16 getOverlayHeight
virtual int16 getOverlayWidth int16 getOverlayWidth
virtual int16 getWidth int16 getWidth
virtual MutexRef createMutex MutexRef createMutex
virtual OverlayColor ARGBToColor  
virtual OverlayColor RGBToColor OverlayColor RGBToColor
virtual uint32 getMillis uint32 getMillis
virtual void beginGFXTransaction  
virtual void clearFocusRectangle  
virtual void clearOverlay void clearOverlay
virtual void clearScreen  
virtual void colorToARGB  
virtual void colorToRGB void colorToRGB
virtual void copyRectToOverlay void copyRectToOverlay
virtual void copyRectToScreen void copyRectToScreen
virtual void delayMillis void delayMillis
virtual void deleteMutex void deleteMutex
virtual void disableCursorPalette  
virtual void displayMessageOnOSD void displayMessageOnOSD
virtual void endGFXTransaction  
virtual void grabOverlay void grabOverlay
virtual void grabPalette void grabPalette
virtual void hideOverlay void hideOverlay
virtual void initBackend  
virtual void initSize void initSize
virtual void lockMutex void lockMutex
virtual void playCD  
virtual void quit void quit
virtual void setCursorPalette  
virtual void setFeatureState void setFeatureState
virtual void setFocusRectangle  
virtual void setMouseCursor void setMouseCursor
virtual void setPalette void setPalette
virtual void setShakePos void setShakePos
virtual void setWindowCaption void setWindowCaption
virtual void showOverlay void showOverlay
virtual void stopCD  
virtual void unlockMutex void unlockMutex
virtual void unlockScreen virtual void unlockScreen
virtual void updateCD  
virtual void updateScreen void updateScreen
virtual void warpMouse void warpMouse
  void clearSoundCallback
  void fillMouseEvent
  void handleKbdMouse
  bool setSoundCallback
  void setTimerCallback