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2007-06-09 (Saturday) - analyzing current backend code

Today I am starting my Small Devices Backend project diary. Here I'll be posting all of the current progress information.

I have already ran a pocketSCUMM port on ACER n311 pocket PC. Now I am analyzing the current backend code.

2007-07-01 (Sunday) - back

I am finally back to the project after a prolonged exams period at the two Universities I am currently studying, and planning to catch with all the work on backends.

I have talked to _sev: we've successfully resolved some linker errors over the TightVNC - all that had to be done is to change the order of library paths. Funny. So, the most important tasks for right now are:

  • come up with the description of current backends implementation;
  • study the new idea of events to replace engine specific keymapping code in the backends ( [Scummvm-devel] RFC: Flexible keymapping via new EVENT_ (post 0.10) by Max)

2007-07-03 (Tuesday) - current backend architecture

Yesterday and today I went through all backend implementations (classes that extend OSystem). I gathered the information about all methods in OSystem class hierarchy and presented it the form of tables. There one can easily see all of the OSystem virtual functions, their overriding counterparts in backend implementations, as well backend specific functions. Based on this information it is easy to see what are the common methods for all backends, which of them are simply duplicated, etc.

2007-07-03 (Friday) - functionality

Yesterday and the day before yesterday I have finished reviewing the backends code and uploaded last of the tables in the previous post. Today I've been looking through backends from the perspective of functional features that relate to my project.

Feature Backend Osystem child
virtual keyboard DC(softkbd.h), DS(touchkeyboard.h), wince(PanelKeyboard.h)
keymapper gp2x, sdl, wince, symbian, ds, palm
downscaler MorphOS(morphos_scaler.h), wince(CEScaler.h) DC, gp2x, palm(calc_scale), sdl
upscaler MorphOS(morphos_scaler.h), wince(CEScaler.h) DC, gp2x, palm(calc_scale), sdl
predictive input DS(wordcompletion.h) DS(addAutoComplete)
zoning wince, symbian
splash screen gp32(gfx_splash.h)