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Things planned to do (in order of priority):

  • cine engine
  • Amiga music see here
    • ADL player is in gob/music.cpp
    • SoundFX player is in cine/sfx_play.cpp but it is missing effects and amiga module loading is missing.
      • Format is here. Player is in src/loaders/sfx_load.cpp in XMP project.
    • RJP1 player from cyx is buggy, needs more work
  • Nokia770 port
  • SmallDevices backend
    • Perhaps move predictive input from AGI engine (predictive.cpp)
  • IHNM
  • football U32

Wish list

Games I'd like to have (only originals, with manuals, full size boxes aren't obligatory). The main problem for me is that I can't use PayPal simply because it is not accessible in my country and to acquire my collection I had to either use some proxy who will accept direct transfors, or they were donated. Of course, bigger part of it was bought locally, but those are often localized versions.

  • Gob engine -- these will let me perform proper engine testing and improvement
    • Goblins3 CD international (1.02) release
    • Ween: the prophecy
    • Bargon Attack English
    • Amiga/Atari/Mac versions of games except Amiga Gob1/Gob2. These are usually cheap.
  • AGI engine -- these will let me perform proper engine testing and improvement
    • Space Quest games
    • King's Quest games
    • The Black Cauldron
  • SCUMM engine
    • Localized versions of Humongous Entertainment games -- I collect them, have over 100 games already
    • Korean/Japanese/Chinese LEC games -- for better support of western encodings
    • Maniac Mansion NES Spanish cartridge -- not yet supported
    • Amiga indy3, indy4, monkey1, monkey2 -- potential target for using amiga-specific music tracks
    • Mac monkey1, monkey2, indy4 -- potential target for using mac-specific music tracks
    • Apple ][ versions of games -- not yet supported by ScummVM
    • PC Engine Loom. Both English and Japanese -- not yet supported by ScummVM
  • Broken Sword 1 Mac -- for support of its music
  • BASS Amiga CD32 -- simply I don't have it
  • Kyra 1/2 floppy -- simply I don't have them
  • Simon1/2 English -- simply I don't have them