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Name Tony Puccinelli
Team Member since 20/05/2010
Working on Implemented Support for Loadable Modules on Small Devices
Personal webpage/BLOG

About Me

I'm Tony Puccinelli, a GSoC 2010 student for ScummVM and a longtime lover of the interactive storytelling adventure games offer.

I will be working on implementing support for loadable modules in ScummVM's PS2 and DS ports (using the ARM-based GP2x Wix as a testbed for the ARM-based DS). I'll also be attempting to abstract a generic "ELF loader".

For a mix of random sarcasm and more specific updates concerning my project, hit up my blog: Pearls on a String

Current Project Schedule

Write a linker script and custom ELF loader to provide full support for loadable modules in ScummVM’s PS2 Port, using the pre-existing PSP code as a starting point.

Completed on June 13th!

Implement support for loadable modules on the GP2x, an ARM target. (To be completed by: July 9th)

 First Week Goal: Get debugging facilities set up for the GP2x. Get initial linker scripts/loader coded. (Continue testing/documenting PS2 work).
 Second Week Goal: Tweak Makefile and begin debugging.
 Third Week Goal: Continue work on the GP2x Wiz.
 Fourth Week Goal: Finish ELF loader for the Wiz.

Abstract parent “ELF Loader” class to be inherited by targets that support loadable modules. (To be completed by: July 16th)

Implement support for loadable modules on the DS with the aid of the ARM-based GP2x code. (To be completed by: August 13th)

 First Week Goal: Get Debugging Facilities Set up for the DS and make design decisions with mentors (for instance, only one engine can be loaded at a time instead of all loaded then unneeded ones deleted).
 Second Week Goal: Begin making necessary changes to GP2x loader/linker to adapt it for DS and altered design.
 Third Week Goal: Continue work on the DS.
 Fourth Week Goal: Finish coding!

Continue work with ScummVM? ;-)