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Game Resource Browser TODO:

  • implement hex editor
    • copy&paste of both ascii/hex
    • searching for ascii/hex
    • show an info panel/tooltip window which displays the "value" of the current selection (so if you select 4 bytes, it shows you its interpretation as signed/unsigned LE/BE integer, as string, as LE/BE float etc.). remove radios.
    • move slider to the preferences dialog
  • images:
    • support more image formats
    • clean-up current image codec
    • add boxes support
    • possibly allow exporting image data?
  • update descumm used
  • implement sound
  • do *.SOU files parser
  • add multi file support to the GUI
  • finish old Scumm files support
  • implement Scumm version recognizer
    • this does not have to be MD5 based (in fact should avoid it), just looking at the file header should in most cases suffice. (made a stub - looks at the file name)
  • make ScummEntryBlockPresenter use a list control
  • make configurable fonts in preferences dialog
  • more info in the ImagePresenter (image size, etc.)
  • improve palette presenter

Game Resource Browser Bugs:

  • The Dig:
    • crashes on opening images and scripts
  • wxX11:
    • doing resizes of hex view which change both height & width of the window causes bad flickering in the right half of the window
    • The ImagePresenter does not work
  • VERB scripts are not decompilled correctly