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User Manual

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If you want to contribute, send us a sample of text you'd write for the new manual, and we will consider adding you an account. You can work on the manual in the Wiki, but if you prefer, supplying us with HTML or TeX sources is fine, too (we will then translate them for the Wiki).

You can have a look at our TODO page for a list of tasks that need to be done.

1. Introduction

A description of ScummVM.

  1. What is ScummVM?

2. Quick Start

3. ScummVM Interface

A description of the ScummVM interface, in case you ever wondered what a specific button does.

  1. The Launcher
  2. Options
  3. Game settings
  4. Global Main Menu (GMM)

Using ScummVM

A detailed description on how to use ScummVM.

  1. Installing ScummVM
  2. Configuring ScummVM, describes the settings and command-line parameters that you can use so that it runs games exactly the way you want it to
  3. Installing a game for use with ScummVM, covers multi-CD games, additional files like kyra.dat, and extracting/converting audio tracks
  4. Adding a game to ScummVM
  5. Configuring a game in ScummVM, describes how to adjust per-game settings
  6. Playing a game with ScummVM
  7. Removing a game from ScummVM
  8. Using Cloud and LAN features
  9. Uninstalling ScummVM

Getting Help


Contains comprehensive technical information on various topics.

  1. Control Mapping for supported devices
  2. Graphic filters
  3. Render modes
  4. Music and sound
  5. Command line options a list and descriptions of all the command line options you can use with ScummVM
  6. Config file description, describes the ScummVM configuration file
  7. Tools, a list of the tools available for use with ScummVM (e.g. for compressing audio), along with a description of their usage