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Check out our new user documentation!
We have a user documentation portal at docs.scummvm.org. It covers all aspects of using ScummVM, including how to install ScummVM on a variety of platforms, how to add and play games, and how to tweak settings for optimal game play.

Using ScummVM

  1. Installing a game for use with ScummVM, covers multi-CD games, additional files like kyra.dat, and extracting/converting audio tracks
  2. Configuring a game in ScummVM, describes how to adjust per-game settings
  3. Playing a game with ScummVM
  4. Using Cloud and LAN features

Getting Help

  1. ReadMe file for version 2.2.0
    1. Czech translation
    2. German translation
    3. Swedish translation
    4. Danish QuickStart translation
    5. French QuickStart translation
    6. Italian QuickStart translation
    7. Norwegian (bokmaal) QuickStart translation
    8. Spanish QuickStart translation


  1. Control Mapping for supported devices
  2. Graphic filters
  3. Music and sound
  4. Tools, a list of the tools available for use with ScummVM (e.g. for compressing audio), along with a description of their usage
  5. Integrations


You will find help on using ScummVM in other places on the web. Here are a few links to solve frequent issues or that my help you improve your experience with ScummVM.