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[Deprecated] User Manual

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Check out our new user documentation!
We have a user documentation portal at It covers all aspects of using ScummVM, including how to install ScummVM on a variety of platforms, how to add and play games, and how to tweak settings for optimal game play.

Using ScummVM

  1. Installing a game for use with ScummVM, covers multi-CD games, additional files like kyra.dat, and extracting/converting audio tracks
  2. Configuring a game in ScummVM, describes how to adjust per-game settings
  3. Playing a game with ScummVM
  4. Using Cloud and LAN features

Getting Help


  1. Control Mapping for supported devices
  2. Graphic filters
  3. Music and sound
  4. Tools, a list of the tools available for use with ScummVM (e.g. for compressing audio), along with a description of their usage
  5. Integrations