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Adding Beneath a Steel Sky to the ScummVM Launcher


  1. The ScummVM Launcher
    Before you can play Beneath a Steel Sky, you'll have to download the freeware game from here. You can choose between CD or Floppy-version. After you have downloaded the file you'll have to unzip it. If want to use your own copy of BASS make sure that you copy the needed Datafiles on your hard-drive. Move all files to your game folder e.g. ~/scummvm/BASS.


  1. ScummVM File Browser
    After you've started ScummVM click on Add Game and navigate with the file browser to the directory where you've stored BASS.
  2. BASS Settings
    Go Up allows you to reach you higher leveled directories - double click opens the chosen directory. If you've navigated to the correct folder (e.g. ~/scummvm/BASS) click on Choose.
  3. The ScummVM Launcher with BASS added
    Now ScummVM tries to detect "Beneath a Steel Sky" and a dialog box allows you to change various settings but you don't need to change any of them. Click OK and BASS will be added to ScummVM.
  4. If you want to play the game just choose Beneath a Steel Sky from the Launcher and click Start.


ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory!

Make sure that you've copied all Datafiles to your hard-drive and that you've chosen the correct folder.

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