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Adding one game to the ScummVM Launcher

Before you can play a game using ScummVM, you first need to add it to the Launcher.

  1. Your game will run more smoothly if you copy all the files from the original disk(s) (whether floppy or CD) into a folder on your hard-drive. You can see which files you need for each game on the Datafiles page.
    The ScummVM Launcher
    Click on the   button on the right-hand side of the Launcher.
    Add Game Dialog Box
    You will now be presented with a file browser. You should use this browser to locate the directory in which the files from your game's disks are located. Double click on the name of a directory to go into it, and use the   button to go back up one level. Once you are in the correct folder, click the   button.
    Game Settings Dialog Box
    If ScummVM detected the game correctly, it will now display a dialog box which lets you change various settings about the game, including the name that appears in the main window of the Launcher. There are six tabs full of settings to change, and these are discussed later on in the configuration section, but you don't need to change any of them. To finish adding your game, just click the   button.
    The ScummVM Launcher with one game added
    Tada! You've added your first game to ScummVM. To play it now, just select the game you want to play and click on the   button.

Adding multiple games at once

    Confirmation dialog for mass add
    If all of your games are in separate subdirectories of one "games" directory, you can add all of your games at once. Simply hold down the "shift" key, and the   button.   will switch to being a   button. If you click on it, the ScummVM Launcher will ask you to confirm that you really do want to do this.
    File browser for mass add
    You will then be presented with the same file browser that we used previously to select just one game. This time, however, click   when you are in the top-level directory which all your game directories are inside.
    Mass add complete
    The mass add will then search for all the games it can find within that directory, and come back and let you know how many it found. You should then see all the games it found inside the Launcher window.

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